Cobbler Technologies vs. Surge Hydro

Episode 9: November 26

Greenlight Maine / Season Two

Sponsored by Central Maine Power

The Presenters

Andrew Katon
Cobbler Technologies (launched as L&K Manufacturing, Inc.) is an early-stage hardware technology company commercializing their disruptive 3DAPD™ 3D-printing technology. Cobbler’s goal is to catalyze scaled 3D-printed production of footwear by bringing to market a new technology that can compete with the cost and efficiencies of traditional footwear molding equipment.

With the support of government grant organizations like MTI and private equity markets, Cobbler has proven an ability to integrate mass-produced materials into their system and is on track to complete beta development of their advanced 3D-printing technology in early 2017.
David B. Markley
Co-Founder / CEO (Pic 1)
Nicholas A. Cabral
Co-Founder / COO (Pic 2)
There are over 82,000 dams in the United States; only 2,000 of those dams currently generate electricity. Surge Hydro is an innovative technology company on a mission to electrify these dams, providing clean, renewable, and sustainable power to the communities we serve. Surge Hydro's founders are the owners and operators of five hydroelectric dams in Belfast, ME. Through rehabilitating these facilities, Surge Hydro has created cost effective, environmentally friendly and scalable solutions to economically turn the 80,000 idle dams into working assets. Surge Hydro surveys the site, installs the technology, negotiates power purchase agreements, and provides federal licensing services. Collectively Surge Hydro offers 'Energy-as-a-Service' for an evolving world.

The Judges

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Sara Burns
Sara J. Burns is president and chief executive officer of Central Maine Power, and she also directs regulatory strategy, asset management, and business development for the Iberdrola USA Network companies. Sara joined CMP in 1987 and has served in various executive positions. She was named President in 1998 and CEO in 2005. Sara graduated from Colby College. She serves on the boards of Maine & Company, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, the George Mitchell Institute, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the Augusta Board of Trade. Sara is a native of Philadelphia who came to Maine for college, but she remains a committed Phillies fan.

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Rob Pierson
Rob Pierson is President of FMI, a high-performance aerospace composites company located in Biddeford, ME. FMI provides solutions for the most demanding applications in the most extreme environments. FMI is the leading nozzle manufacturer for defense missiles in the US and has received numerous accolades for its thermal protection systems of which a 15 ft. diameter heat shield is currently on Mars.

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Martin Grohman
Martin Grohman is a State Representative from Biddeford, co-founder of a building products manufacturing company, and host of the podcast 'The Grow Maine Show'. The Grow Maine Show, available on iTunes, features Maine entrepreneurs and business people and asks the central question, “if Maine is so horrible for business, why are you so successful?”
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